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Introducing the brand new YippieMove

31 JAN • 2012 1 minute

The new YippieMove front-page
A large part of last year spent working on a major update to YippieMove. The new YippieMove is a complete redesign, from the bottom-up. That means new logo, new user interface and an improved back-end. It has never been easier to move email data across multiple email accounts and services. We’re really proud of this release, and we think we’ve made a major improvement to what was already great product.

Among one of the most exciting things with this release is the soon-to-be-release API, that will allow you to integrate YippieMove into more or less anything.

For an overview of the new changes, please read this blog-post.

If you just want to see YippieMove with your own eyes, simply visit YippieMove.

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