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Ramblings on Entrepreneurship, Dev(Sec)Ops, Linux, Remote Work, and Security Shenanigans.

Meet Viktor

Hey there! I'm Viktor, a proud nerd and serial entrepreneur

I've launched ventures like YippieMove, Blotter, and Screenly. I also host the podcast Nerding Out with Viktor.

Viktor Petersson

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Exploring the Depths of Linux and Open Source Innovation with Mark Shuttleworth

In this episode of "Nerding Out With Viktor," Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, discusses his journey from pioneering internet technologies in South Africa to revolutionizing the Linux ecosystem and shares his vision for the future of secure, open-source software.

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Transforming Tech with Eben Upton: Exploring Raspberry Pi’s Global Impact from Education to Industry

In this engaging episode of "Nerding Out with Viktor," Eben Upton, the visionary behind Raspberry Pi, discusses the journey of Raspberry Pi from enhancing computer science education to its industrial applications, including digital signage solutions like Screenly, while addressing key topics like SD card durability and the potential of RISC-V in future platforms.

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Demystifying eBPF with Liz Rice: A Deep Dive into Kernel Programming and Security

In this episode of "Nerding Out with Viktor," Liz Rice discusses the evolution and applications of eBPF in observability, security, and networking, highlighting its impact at companies like Netflix and Meta, the implications of Cisco's acquisition of Isovalent, and the importance of runtime security and compliance in the open-source domain.