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Ramblings on Entrepreneurship, Dev(Sec)Ops, Linux, Remote Work, and Security Shenanigans.

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Hey there! I'm Viktor, a proud nerd and serial entrepreneur

I've launched ventures like YippieMove, Blotter, and Screenly. I also host the podcast Nerding Out with Viktor.

Viktor Petersson

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Past, Present, and Future of Computing with Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Oxide Computer Company

In this episode of "Nerding Out with Viktor," Bryan Cantrill, CTO and co-founder of Oxide Computer Company, discusses his pioneering work on DTrace at Sun Microsystems, the challenges of cloud infrastructure at Joyent, and how Oxide is revolutionizing on-premises cloud computing by integrating hardware and software design.

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Unlocking Firmware Secrets with Christian Walter: BIOS Vulnerabilities & Security Insights

Join me on "Nerding Out with Viktor" as I explore the world of firmware and hardware security with Christian Walter from 9Elements. With over six years of experience in IT security and firmware development, Christian discusses recent vulnerabilities like LogoFail and PixiFail, the complexities of BIOS security, and the importance of Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs). We also delve into 9Elements' Firmware CI project and the efforts of the Open Source Firmware Foundation to advance open-source firmware. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of IT security and hardware.

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Exploring the Depths of Linux and Open Source Innovation with Mark Shuttleworth

In this episode of "Nerding Out With Viktor," Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, discusses his journey from pioneering internet technologies in South Africa to revolutionizing the Linux ecosystem and shares his vision for the future of secure, open-source software.