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Munin-plugin for Zendesk

23 JUN • 2012 1 minute

In recent time, I’ve really started to appreciate Munin. I’ve deployed Munin in multiple architectures already, and I still get impressed every time by how easy it is to setup.

I also really like how easy it is to write plugins. For a crash-course in writing plugins for Munin, take a look at this page.

Since I first deployed Munin to monitor YippieMove‘s architecture, I’ve written a handful of custom plugins to visualize various datapoints. However, one thing I’ve been wanting for some time was to a tool to visualize the volume of support tickets. Since we use Zendesk for support and the fact that they already got an API, all data I needed was already accessible.

I started writing the plugin this morning, and few hours later I had written one plugin for plotting all tickets (with their state), and another one for customer satisfaction.

If you want to take it for a spin, I’ve published it on Github.

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