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My latest project: Screenly

01 AUG • 2012 1 minute

One of the most hyped pieces of hardware in recent time is the Raspberry Pi. It is hyped for a very good reason. For $35 you get a fully functioning Linux-computer which is about the size of a deck of cards. While there have been plenty of micro-computers around in the past, none at this extremely low price point. The Raspberry Pi is simply any DIY’ers wet dream.

After months of wait, I finally got mine a few weeks back. My first project was Screenly: A digital signage platform built for the Raspberry Pi.

While still in early beta, the Screenly is fully functional and available on Github for anyone to download and install.

The entire system is designed to be a ‘set and forget’-appliance. Once installed, you manage the content from your web browser on your local computer.

Here’s a video of an early version of Screenly in action:

There are also screenshots and photos available of Screenly here.

For more information about Screenly, please visit the Github-project.

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