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Launching 'Nerding Out with Viktor' - A New Tech Podcast (and the Innovative Podcast RSS Generator)

02 JAN • 2024 2 minutes

Hello folks, Viktor here! I’m thrilled to bring two exciting updates to you all today.

First, let’s talk about my new project, “Nerding Out with Viktor,” a video podcast where I dive into riveting tech discussions with experts from various fields. The first episode features a deep dive into Cloud Native security with Andrew Martin from ControlPlane. We cover a range of topics, including ethical hacking and cybersecurity strategies. It’s a real treat for anyone keen on tech and security. You can catch the podcast on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. Make sure to subscribe and join in on the conversation!

Also, I’m excited to introduce the Podcast RSS Generator, a tool I developed for podcasters (or rather, for myself). It’s designed to generate RSS feeds for audio/video podcasts, especially useful for those using S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Cloudflare R2 for hosting. This tool stands out in its field, being possibly the first of its kind and is even featured in the GitHub Actions Marketplace. It’s adaptable to various storage solutions, making it a versatile choice for podcast creators. Check it out in the GitHub Actions Marketplace.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and updates on these projects! Your support and feedback are always appreciated. Let’s keep nerding out together!

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